Derby #249 (Astronomy): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

We cast our eyes to the heavens in search of quality shirt designs, and a divine bounty rained down from the stars! Of course the stars in the sky are myriad, and their splendor could not be contained in three mere shirts. Feast your eyes on these!


across the mocha way

by odysseyroc

Mark David Chapman really hated coffee.


Moonlight Sonata

by littleclyde

Not many people know littleclyde dedicated this shirt to a student of his with whom he fell in love.


Universal Fun

by littleclyde

Who says it's all chaos out there?


Astronomical Geography

by michaelevans

"Intergalactic Cartographer" would look pretty cool on a business card.


Mr. Cosmos

by burnapaperzach

Future villain in the Avengers sequel, called it.


Goodbye Earth

by Naolito

What are the odds she'd have a heart attack right as the planet blew up?


Anyone Out There?

by ochopika

The poor green guy's planet mothballed their space program due to budget constraints, so he'll never know.


The cow had some help...

by lucky1988

Way to bring it all back.


Going for a Moonlight Dip

by ryanastle

Foolish moon! You'll sink like a stone! Only Saturn can float!



There you have it, another batch of Honorable Mentions waiting patiently for their turn to fight for honor in the Double-Take Derby! Until then, vote on your favorite designs in our current Derby!