Derby #250 (Board Games): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

 There's nothing we like more than staying in on a blustery Saturday afternoon to play some board games with friends. We're getting sick of Monopoly, so we asked for suggestions from you guys on new board game ideas. Here are our editors' faves from the submissions:


Cakes and Cubes

by Radscoolian

"You SWEAR there's going to be cake?"


Pandemic RISK

by wirdou

"Oooh you went on an airplane. Minus 50 immunity points."


One Number To Rule Them All

by patrickspens

I roll crits in my SLEEP, son!


Settlers of the Hive

by nathanwpyle



words with fiends

by ApeLad

I don't think "YOUREAJERK" is a word, but- Oh, I see what you did.


I see dead people (Resub)

by Naolito

Mass marketed and produced by a giant game manufacturer, but sure. Probably a portal to hell.


A most civilized game of world domination

by ramyb

Oh, look. Kittens.


Settler Cats

by ochopika

Silly kitty. You should save the tuna and buy a development card.


The Game Is A-foot!

by Spiritgreen

We don't know how this game works, but we want to play it.



That's all for this week! We'll box these up and stuff them back in the closet until it's time to play again at the next Double-Take Derby. Until then, roll up a character and visit our current Derby to vote for your faves and see them print!