Derby #275: I Recycle

by wootbot

We've all got to chip in where we can to keep our home nice. You know, wash the dishes, do the laundry, take a bath, sweep the floor once a month…you know, basic stuff. And when you expand the concept of "our home" to this beautiful little blue marble we're all clinging to, that includes stuff like recycling. That's why we're taking a cue from our pals at "Keep America Beautiful" to celebrate America Recycles Day! Give us your best recycling-inspired designs, be they celebrations of re-using or inspirational messages to encourage people to recycle.


  • Your design must incorporate the "chasing arrows" recycling symbol.
  • No text.
  • No existing characters from other works.

Winners will be chosen as usual, with the added bonus prize of a gift bag courtesy of our pals at Keep America Beautiful!