Derby #297: Double-Take Derby 20

by wootbot

Most of you designers get a week off this week. Those who have won our hearts but not your Derbies (even if, um, we haven't announced you all yet) have a week of campaigning ahead of you. Yes, it's time again for the also-rans to also run again in another Double-Take Derby, this time covering Derbies #281 through #295 (minus the last Double-Take Derby, #284). May the second time be the charm!

(And, uh, we'll really try to get all those announcements posted by the weekend. Blame the writers, who are short-handed on top of their habitual laziness.)

Designers: if in the meantime you've opted out of including your design in the Double-Take Derby, or sold/submitted your Honorable Mention design somewhere else, email us at by noon (central) tomorrow and let us know. Any design found submitted for voting on another site, sold on another site, or for sale on another site will not be eligible for the Double-Take Derby and will be removed from consideration. Because we're jealous like that.