Derby #320: Fall

by wootbot

"Autumn is our favorite season!" Is something we try tell ourselves every year. Truth be told there's a lot to like about fall: The crinkle of leaves underfoot, the smell of pecan pie, umm ... gourds? 

There's a special twist for this autumnal Derby: The winning designs will run on both shirts and pullover hoodies. Because, y'know, necks get chilly in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. 

  • No text​
  • Design on both a tee and hoodie and show both in the preview image.
  • Tee and Hoodie designs can be unique, but they should compliment each other. We reserve the right to reject if we feel the hoodie and tee aren't related enough.
  • The max print size for an XX Hoodie is - 15.5" x 13".
  • Use one of the below color pairings:

​​Black Tee/Black PO Hoodie
Brown Tee/Brown PO Hoodie
Silver Tee/Sport Grey PO Hoodie
Asphalt Tee/Dark Heather PO Hoodie
Cranberry Tee/Maroon PO Hoodie