Derby #331: Album Cover and TV Show Mash-Ups (MYSTERY CELEBRITY'S CHOICE)

by wootbot

Hold on to your butts 'cuz we've got a lot to say about this Derby. You ready? First off, the theme was chosen by a MYSTERY CELEBRITY who shall be revealed on Black Friday (the 29th), along with a shirt created by said celebrity. 

That means there will be two winners from this Derby, each of whom shall receive $1,500 for their efforts. It also means that we'll be doing some fun stuff next Friday that you should be sure to set aside all your other shopping plans for.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. We'll also lower the price for the winning shirts based on how many unique voters participate, like so: 

2,500 voters = The Derby shirts sell for $11.50 
5,000 voters = $11 
7,500 voters= $10.50
10k+ voters = $10

So get your friends and reluctant family members to vote for their favorites and lower the price for everybody. Voting multiple times will not affect the outcome. We'll update progress on the votes right in this forum thread throughout the week. 

Phew! Anything else? Oh yeah! The theme is album-cover-TV-show mash-ups, courtesy of our to-be-named celebrity contributor (Hint: It's not Tony Shalub). Y'know, like Home Improvement meets Master of Puppets...