Wednesday, January 30

The 2012 T-List Awards!

by Randall Cleveland

Pomp! Circumstance! Behold, the winners of our 2012 T-List Awards, which you can view (and purchase) in our current sale right here! For those of you who pointed out that we should probably put them down in a list somewhere. So hear you are! Look for more T-List fun this week as we showcase our Editors' Picks as well and stop by Friday to see…THE SHIRT OF THE YEAR!

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Monday, November 12

Everybody Shirts: (Almost) Every Shirt.Woot Design is Back in Print

by Jason Toon

11/26/2012 UPDATE: Our back catalog re-launch has been an overwhelming success! Literally. We're overwhelmed. We're putting the catalog on hold until we can scale up to meet the demand while completing all current orders. Check back soon!


Unless you've been diligently buying shirts from us since day one back in 2007, you've probably missed at least one Shirt.Woot design that would look great on you... maybe become your favorite shirt... possibly even change your life. All you could do was wallow in regret and hope for the off chance that it would reappear in a Woot Plus event.

Until today. Almost every Shirt.Woot design ever is now available once again on our All Designs page. That's right: you can browse every shirt design we've ever issued, and buy nearly every one. Not a dream! Not a mirage! Not an imaginary story! This is as real as cotton. You probably have some questions, like...

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Tuesday, September 25

Five Steps to Creating A Best-Selling, Beloved, Hilariously Perfect Shirt Design

by Barbara Rutledge

Can it possibly be that easy to create a shirt that is adored by the Shirt.Woot community, bought in record numbers, and has some serious longevity in the Reckoning? Well, sort of. After five years of looking over thousands of design submissions, I’ve compiled some tips to maximizing the awesome potential of your next great idea. Now it's time to share the wealth and pass those tips on to you!

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Tuesday, September 11

Here's Your Big Chance to Work for Shirt.Woot

by Randall Cleveland

You've seen the tees. You've read the writeups. You've groused in the forums. Through it all, one thought has burned at the forefront of your mind:

"I could do this way better than these idiots."

Well now's your chance! Shirt.Woot is looking for a few talented, motivated individuals to join our production team in Dallas. Experience in printing, light manufacturing, or customer service are all pluses, but don't let your complete lack of experience in facing the world hold you back from applying. You must be in the Dallas area or planning to relocate. If you're thinking you'll get in on the ground floor and work your way over to managing what goes into the BOCs or designing new flying monkeys, allow us to pop that bubble for you.

What's in it for you? Why, the camaraderie and fellowship shared only among t-shirt production folks! A spacious warehouse! Free ink splatters if you're not especially careful! The chance to say, "Yeah, I work at Shirt.Woot" to strangers in bars and then awkwardly engage in a 10-minute explanation of the site despite their refusal to believe such an organization could be profitable! The list goes on!

Sound great? How could it not! Get on over to our Jobs Page and send your resume today!

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Wednesday, August 22