Thursday, July 17


Thursday, July 10


Thursday, July 03

Derby #363: $10K Cup, Round I: Text

by wootbot

We're kicking off the $10K Cup with a text derby. More on that hereAs for the derby itself, here's what's up. We want you to get wordy and submit some sweet text designs. You can do a Slogan or a Text as Art Design. It's up to you! Some rules: 

  • For a Slogan shirt: Must include some graphic element.
  • For a Text as Art Design: No super-duper-tiny font sizes and No copyrighted text 
  • No creme tees



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Thursday, June 26


Thursday, June 19

Derby #361: The Interwebz!

by wootbot

Starting this week, we’re doing the Derby a little different. You can learn all about it on our blog, which is a thing on the Internet.

Speaking of things on the Internet, that’s our theme! So give us your selfies, your porn, your tired memes yearning to just die already. The wretched refuse of your comment section trolls. Send these, the grammarless, Facebook shamed to us. And lift your cursor over the golden (it's actually blue) submit button.

  • no crëme tees
  • no mercy
  • no porn


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