Monday, November 10

Derby #382: Baked Goods

by wootbot

No, Washington residents, not that kind of "baked." We're talking about delicious carby treats that emerge from your oven. You know, pastries and the like. No, not that kind of pastry. You're just doing this on purpose now.


No Creme Tees

Hey! Did you see our announcement about the new weekly Derby we're doing? Check out Derby 381: Aprons!

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Thursday, November 06

Derby #381: Aprons

by wootbot

Ah, the apron. Staple of the '50s housewife. Billboard for cooks who want to be kissed. Your blank canvas for this inaugural Derby thing. This week, tag your imagination and release it into the wild with a mind-blowing apron design. Ask yourself: What do you want people staring at while you're preparing their food?


No Black Aprons!


Apron Template (.AI)

Apron Template (.PSD)

Derby #382: Baked Goods opens for submissions 11/07 at Noon Central! All things baked and yummy. No Creme tees allowed.

Got questions? Be sure to check out our blog post explaining this new event. Also take a look at the Derby FAQ and our Terms and Conditions (.pdf) for all the info you'll ever need about submitting to the Derby.

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Big Derby News!

by Laura Duncan

Are you looking for more Derby in your life? IT’S HAPPENING! 

So a while back we noticed, and perhaps you have, too, that there's a lot DOWN TIME in the derby. It's a couple of days of rip-roaring fun and then everyone sitting around for four or five days wishing they had something else to do. What a waste, we thought! Not to mention we have some massively talented artists at our fingertips but no easy and fun way for them to help us design products like totes, aprons, journals, stickers, etc. Again, what a waste!

We took the problem to the Woot code-monkeys. "We're too busy!" they scoffed. So we purchased a dozen donuts and approached them again. This time they replied, "We can give you two derbies a week, no more." Good enough for us! 

Starting this week we have the ability to do up to two derbies a week. Occasionally we might do only one, in which case the derby works like it always has. When we run with two, here’s how it’ll all work:

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Thursday, October 30

Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #379: 25k Cup, Round V: Naughty & Nice: Redux

by wootbot

Derby #379: 25k Cup, Round V: Naughty & Nice: Redux closed for voting at noon today. One of these designs will go on sale as our First Place selection on Friday - the rest could be selected by our Editors to print or just go down in near-miss history. Click on each picture below to see that entry's page, with a fuller view of the design. The final nine, in no particular order...

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Derby #380: Ugly Holiday Sweater

by wootbot

Get all kinds of festive with your most hideous holiday monstrosity. To make this derby extra sweatery (sweaty?), we're gonna print the winners on crewneck sweatshirts as well as tees! Cozy.

Please observe the list of allowed blank colors for this derby below. If you stray from these colors, you'll be added to the "Naughty List" and Krampus will fill your bed with spiders. Or your design will be rejected. One of the two.

Allowed tee colors:








-Grass Green

-Royal Blue


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Thursday, October 23


Thursday, October 16

Derby #378: 25k Cup, Round IV: Video Games

by wootbot

This will probably be a big stretch for lots of you. You're gonna have to dig deep and forage into the farthest reaches of your imagination. Video games?? WHERE TO BEGIN??


-No crème tees.

-No cream trees.


Derby #379 will ALSO be part of the 25k Cup! The theme will be Naughty & Nice: Redux. Explore the union of cute and sinister. Check out the previous derby for examples.


-No crème tees.

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