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Wednesday, August 21

Invent A Shirt.Woot Cocktail!

by Sam Kemmis

We're throwing a party over Labor Day weekend (details forthcoming -- promise) and we want to serve a cocktail inspired by one of our artists' designs. But all our master mixologists can think of is "The Binge" as a mixture of Bailey's and Blue Curaçao, and that sounds DISGUSTING. 

Do you have a great idea for a Shirt.Woot cocktail? It should include ingredients found at a normal bar. If it sounds better than "The Binge," we'll give it a taste test (on company time, of course) and serve the best one at the party. 

This job is so silly. 

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Thursday, August 15

The In-Real-Life Derby: Blow Our Minds

by Sam Kemmis

Shirt.Woot is throwing a real-person party in Seattle on September 1st to celebrate...we donno...parties? We'll announce all the details here on the blog on and on our Facebook page with all the details soon, so stay tuned, but part of the fun will be an "In-Real-Life Derby", in which the winner will be selected via a combination of technology and shouting. Sound awesome? It will be.

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