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Inspired by Bales of Cocaine (resub)

Inspired by Bales of Cocaine (resub)
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Re: Inspired by Bales of Cocaine (resub)

Bales of Cocaine - Reverend Horton Heat

Well I was workin' on my farm, 'bout 1982
Pullin' up some corn, and a little carrot, too
When two low-flyin' airplanes, 'bout a hun'red feet high
Dropped a buncha bales of somethin', some hit me in the eye

So I cut a bale open, and man was I surprised
A buncha large sized baggies, with big, white rocks inside
So I took a little sample, to my crazy brother Joe
Sniffed it up and kicked his heels, said, "Horton, that's some blow!"

Bales of cocaine, fallin' from low-flyin' planes
I don't know who done dropped 'em
, but I thank 'em just the same
Bales of cocaine, fallin' like the pourin' rain
My life changed completely by those low-flyin' planes

So I loaded up them bales in my pick 'em up truck
Headed west for Dallas, where I might try my luck
I didn't have a notion if I could sell 'em there
Thirty minutes later I was a millionare


Now I am a rich man, but I'm still a farmer too
But I sold my farm in Texas, bought a farm down in Peru
And when I get so homesick, I think I'm goin' insane
I travel back to Texas in a low-flyin' plane

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Re: Inspired by Bales of Cocaine (resub)

Is that a blu-style pucker?

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Re: Inspired by Bales of Cocaine (resub)

Can't believe I saw this yesterday and never commented!! Love it. =D

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I'm thinking I'll have to own this one! .l... in spite of the fact that I always pictured the 'low flying plane' to be a small Cessna or Piper - certainly not a jet!

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