Derby #33: Lyrics Illustrated

Inspired By "Everything Changes"

Inspired By "Everything Changes"
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Re: [url=]Inspired By

Feedback is welcome and wanted!!

Please vote on my design!


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goldenmomiji wrote:Feedback is welcome and wanted!!

Is this "Everything Changes" by Staind? One of my favorite songs ever, and very special to me. It's the song I chose to dance to with my best friend Joe at his wedding last year, as I was and still am, in love with him but he chose someone else.

Sorry... I get emotional with this song. Anyway, while a butterfly design does very much go with the theme of this song, I'm not so sure about this design. I applaud the idea, I think it's perfect, but I think maybe the colors are too garish. That, coupled with the design style, makes it a bit too cartoony for my taste, especially with this kind of song.

I'm not going to vote for it because I likely would not wear it. But I encourage you to post more designs, and maybe considering reworking this one with less flamboyent colors.


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Re: [url=]Inspired By

I agree - you have a good start - I know the six color pallette is limiting, but your lines are really strong. The colors are a little harsh together. Also, don't know the reference, and I'm guessing that more recognizable references are going to score higher. We all want to be "gotten".

I really, really like your line work on this - maybe resubmit? Know any other songs that reference butterflies/metamorphosis/ coming out the the shell?

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