Derby #34: Canada

How Canadians Spell Canada

How Canadians Spell Canada
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Re: How Canadians Spell Canada

That's so funny... we both had the same idea for this derby... (FYI: not implying this is a rip off... I genuinely think this is a funny coincidence)... I just guess great minds think alike...

I, however, didn't submit my version to woot since I thought it made for a good bonus shirt... It's available for sale on my website... You should check it out!

Anywho, great idea... Got My Vote!


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Thanks for the note. I like your execution better. My inspiration was a bad joke that used the same idea.

"How does a Canadian spell Canada?"

Answer in really bad, overdone Canadian accent: "C. Eh. N. Eh. D. Eh."

Good luck with the sales.

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