Derby #34: Canada

Seal Clubbin

Seal Clubbin
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Re: Seal Clubbin

Faith and Begorrah! That is too funny! I NEED one! Maybe two! Maybe one for all Canadians! Seal clubbers unite and get it goin' on.


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Trying for a funny spin on a serious issue. I'm a lot slower than some of these guys so I got this in late, and I just now went through and noticed that several others got rejected for seal clubbing entries. I'm hoping they find this one funny enough to allow through.

Re: Seal Clubbin


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Re: Seal Clubbin

Since the title is a pun and there is no club for hitting things in the picture, you should be safe.

That being said, I should add 2 things:
1- this was my opinion. Woot can and often does think differently.
2- the later it gets in the derby, the fewer times woot makes rejections, since the woot staff is getting ready to put the winners on shirts.

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