Derby #37: Greed

Catching Cash

Catching Cash
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Re: Catching Cash

Our goal was to create a lot of money flying in the air, and despite the largess around him, the green-eyed man needs to catch and collect it all. To us, this was showing greed and the effects of greed - you are focused only on your hoard, and can't see beyond your own greed. This came across best on an Asphalt shirt.

This is our second attempt at a derby entry. We're learning, and trust us, we know we aren't fog material, but we're having fun! My daughter and I have teamed up to learn GIMP and save up for a WACOM tablet, and she's learning about statistics and design through the derby. Thanks for checking out the design!

& the Gaggle of Girls; so many shirts, so little space in the dresser!


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Re: Catching Cash

This isn't an asphalt shirt, it is heather grey

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