Derby #37: Greed

Resubmitted: Gas is up and I am broke

That's still text.

Rejected because: That's still text.

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Re: Resubmitted: Gas is up and I am broke

It's late in the game now, but this could still work if you used two circles--one nearly shaded in and one with either no shading or a small sliver at the bottom.



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Re: Resubmitted: Gas is up and I am broke

Once you remove the "wallet" part it doesnt make sense anymore


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Doesn't help that this is totally not original art... I recognized it right off the bat as an old image I have stored in my "web finds" folder. I found it somewhere online but I don't know where... and it DEFINITELY wasn't tonight. Hell, I think it was a good many years ago. What a blatant ripoff.

But the "that's still text" rejection reason is pretty buttery croissant. No text, no purchase. I don't know who you're trying to appeal to here, Woot...

Between 2007 and 2010: lots of woots.

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