Derby #38: The Year You Were Born


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Re: 1983

I have always been struck by how truly ugly the cars in the '80s were... And I mean really... The car featured on this shirt would have actually been in a NEW CAR SHOWROOM in 1983... Because, after all, in 1983 this was hot stuff...

Well... Even though it may have made for an ugly car it makes for a pretty sweet T-Shirt; if I do say so myself... Just in case you are curious: it is a 1983 Alfa Romeo!


quality posts: 35 Private Messages corvettejoe

It looks just like my dad's old 1983 Toyota Tercel Hatchback that I learned to drive on.


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Re: 1983

I still own and drive a tan '87 Toyota Tercel Hatchback...I need this shirt!

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