Derby #39: Motion

Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop
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Re: Bunny Hop

Cute! I like that it's big and off-center.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages dea007
Re: Bunny Hop

I think that the design is cute. I would like it better if it was smaller and at the bottom of the shirt


quality posts: 2 Private Messages jimiyo
Re: Bunny Hop

i think you are great, so everything you do is great, except bowel movements. those are never great. except for these muskcat? monkey or something, they eat coffee beans and apparently dont digest well, give the coffee a bitter sweet taste... anyways i digress.

artistic critique - i like the simplicity. for some reason i see your art on greeting cards. this rabbit looks like cutout pieces of paper. like the head is pasted on the body, etc. this style could worked if some uniqueness was explored. like maybe make it purposely look like your art was construction paper.. etc etc. blah blah

youre word!

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