Derby #39: Motion

Circling the Drain

Circling the Drain
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Re: Circling the Drain

Poor little ducky, circling the drain. This is my first derby, so any suggestions or comments are definitely appreciated.


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Re: Circling the Drain

I like the concept. I wonder if it would look better without the circle of black around it. It might look more like the whole blue of the shirt is draining...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages tiaerman
Re: Circling the Drain

Also, I've noticed that a lot of wooters (atleast the vocal ones i guess..) prefer the design to not take up the whole area. So maybe make it a little smaller. Just a suggestion though.. cool idea .

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Re: Circling the Drain

I agree with the comment to remove the outer circle so it looks like the whole shirt will go down the drain. I also like the size of the design. And the yellow rubber ducky is nice juxtaposition to the dark side of "circling the drain."

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