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Worst day Ever

Worst day Ever
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Heh. Needs Smell-O-Vision. Phew ;)


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Re: Worst day Ever

Oh no! This is so funny! I first heard this story, then met the guy that this actually happened to. A few years ago, during the annual Freewheel OK ride across Oklahoma, 1000 cyclists were arriving at a high school to camp at the end of the day's ride. There were a bunch of port-a-johns lined up, people were setting up their tents, and standing in the shower lines in the gymnasium hoping to get some hot water before it ran out. Terrible storms rolled across the area that evening, blowing people's tents down, snapping their poles and strewing everything across the field. Just before the storms rolled in, the wind was picking up, and this guy was in the port-a-potty when it blew over, landing on the door. He started yelling, and some people helped get it up so he could get out. He flung the door open and went flying towards the gym, running past everyone in the shower line, covered from head to toe with you know what.


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yea that would suck.


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Re: Worst day Ever

Hahahaha. AWESOME.

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