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Speeding Past the Limits (Nite Version)

Speeding Past the Limits (Nite Version)
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Re: Speeding Past the Limits (Nite Version)

I decided to submit a black shirt version of my design for those who did not care for the creme shirt. (it also allowed me to remove one color from my design, making it only 5 colors instead of the max six) Please enjoy and love it dearly!


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Re: Speeding Past the Limits (Nite Version)

much cooler, JadenKale, much cooler. I *love* the tilted wheels, it really makes it. And even though I moan about having too many dark colors, I really prefer this shirt to the cream one - the dark shirt really shows off the car well. gmv!

& the Gaggle of Girls; so many shirts, so little space in the dresser!

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