Derby #39: Motion

Make a Splash

Outside of printable area.

Rejected because: Outside of printable area.

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Re: Make a Splash

Hmm...I really doubt Woot would be able to print this...

The "Most Awesome Butterfly-Sailor Hybrid on Woot"


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Re: Make a Splash

Hi there, fellow designer.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your shirt is going to be rejected by Woot. Here are the problems I see with it:

--Woot won't be able to print gradients or halftones. This is especially true of photo shirts.

--Woot can't print shirts with more than six ink colors

--Your image appears to be larger than the printable area of the shirt.

There's still time to submit a different shirt. Please click the red "X" above your entry to delete it. Design a new shirt and submit that one instead. That way you can avoid rejection and still be in the contest. Good luck to you!

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