Derby #40: Motherhood

I got a PHD!

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the theme is motherhood.


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Re: I got a PHD!

Allison, this is going to be rejected. First, you need to have your design on a shirt template. One was available on the same page that you used to enter this.

Second, the magnifying class appears to have gradients or half tones, which woot cannot do well at this point. If that is not the case, it would help for you to show on your design which colors you used. Keep in mind that you can only use 6, plus the shirt color.

Third, the design has to have something to do with moms or motherhood. It isn't clear from what we see that you have done this. ANd please, don't copy pictures from somewhere else.

I recommend you withdraw this, and resubmit when you have fixed these things.


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way too many colors and completely off topic.


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Re: I got a PHD!

Aside from all of the things that are wrong, what is it supposed to mean?


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Re: I got a PHD!

Off topic. Good luck *giggles*

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