Derby #40: Motherhood

Bonds of motherhood

Bonds of motherhood
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quality posts: 66 Private Messages eHalcyon
Re: Bonds of motherhood

Oh, chemistry... I don't remember enough of it anymore. I was thinking ortho- and meta- stuff for MOM, though that doesn't work for CHILD. =P

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quality posts: 0 Private Messages hworksinc
Re: Bonds of motherhood

This would be much more attractive to chemistry geeks such as myself if it used DNA instead of random chemicals. When we explain our t-shirts to other geeks, there needs to be some kind of significance...


quality posts: 5 Private Messages ilstu99
Re: Bonds of motherhood

I really like the idea, but think I'd prefer some actual genetic symbols (which might be too close to a recent derby winner) or a split helix or something.

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