Derby #40: Motherhood

Classic Momma's Boy

Classic Momma's Boy
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Re: Classic Momma's Boy

This was my first derby submission ever. I couldn't finish it in time and submitted it way too late but wanted to put it up anyway. I don't know if it can pass the pg13 requirement, but I tried. I will appreciate any comments or critiques. Thanks much.

Greatest song ever written about JFK here. NSFW... or children... or anyone who's offended by the idea that JFK might have been a robot... fair warning.


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Re: Classic Momma's Boy

Looks good to me. Finish sooner next time!


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Re: Classic Momma's Boy

TJ - I do not think anyone will question the artistic ability displayed here. But before worrying about it being PG-13, I'd wonder if woot will think this is off-topic. After all, this derby is supposed to get shirts out in time for Mother's Day. I doubt this is what they were thinking of. But even if they have no problem with this, Wed afternoon is very late for entering the derby. There really isn't enough time for many people to see it, and there are so many other entries at this time taking focus away from yours.

This is a dark design in many ways. The one thing I would be concerned about is whether there is enough contrast for all the details in the face to show up on a shirt.

You obviously have tremendous talent. Hope to see many more entries from you. Just try to get them in as soon after the derby opens as you can.

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