Derby #41: Alphabet

primordial alphabet soup

primordial alphabet soup
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quality posts: 2 Private Messages squidboots
Re: primordial alphabet soup

Everything is hand-drawn, took me ages to do! Anyway, this is for all you biology geeks out there. This shows a microscopic view of some protists shaped like the letters of the alphabet...and of course, the scale bar is included ;)


quality posts: 1 Private Messages redghia69
Re: primordial alphabet soup

Great job on the organisms/letters Squid. Colors too!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mia3mom
Re: primordial alphabet soup

my husband works in biotech. this would be a great "casual friday" shirt!

& the Gaggle of Girls; so many shirts, so little space in the dresser!


quality posts: 8 Private Messages Zeusandhera
Re: primordial alphabet soup

This reminds me, I need to brush my teeth. Listerine for the win.

Good details in the microbes and nice colors.

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