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Say Ahhhnce 2

Say Ahhhnce 2
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Re: Say Ahhhnce 2

this is one of the more interesting designs i've seen, but you will probably get the rejectorator boot for size. they can't do seam to seam printing. the max size for a design is 16" x 20", so if you bring it in from the edges and indicate you want it centered and printed as large as possible that should work. nice job, gmv.



quality posts: 0 Private Messages female
Re: Say Ahhhnce 2

Love the design but will probably get rejected because it's outside the printable area.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages tjflashman77
Re: Say Ahhhnce 2

I didn't think of ouija board for my list of ideas when i heard the derby theme this week. Very nice work. Love the skeleton hand. GMV. Please have another shirt composition handy in case this gets rejected.

Greatest song ever written about JFK here. NSFW... or children... or anyone who's offended by the idea that JFK might have been a robot... fair warning.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages milleym
Re: Say Ahhhnce 2

This is really cool, but i'd love to see a version without the hands; perhaps just the letters, numbers, and the planchette.

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