Re: Indie I love superspryte!

For your information, the word "fascist" refers to more than only Nazi-connected things. Look it up. I submitted a shirt that said "indie fascist" on it. I was referring to someone I knew who refused to listen to any music that was on the top 40 list or popular at all.

We lived in Seattle at the time and he refused to give in to pop music and pledged himself to ONLY listen to underground, obscure and indie bands. If they got popular, he dropped them. We referred to him sometimes as an "indie fascist".


Thanks a lot for your appalling referral to "Godwin's law", and your little "you lose" note. Nice. You almost brought me to tears. I am well aware of the Holocaust and what happened, and I would never do anything to glorify that horrendous time or those horrendous events.

I'd never heard of "Godwin's law" and had to look it up. Whoever put that on my shirt comp needs to understand that what I submitted didn't have anything to do with Nazis, for God's sake.

What an absolutely inappropriate and hyper-rude thing to say.

I hope whoever wrote that is someday as misunderstood and judged as badly as they did me today.