Derby #45: Imaginational Symbols

The Independent Republic of New Puckerton!

The Independent Republic of New Puckerton!
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Re: The Independent Republic of New Puckerton!

Let’s celebrate the history of New Puckerton’s brief yet compelling history as it relates to it’s flag design. The red represents the primary pucker color, a color of hope and prosperity. Red embodies the pleasant spirit and ”can do” attitude of the plucky citizens of New Puckerton.

The blue represents the bold wide skies above the great nation of New Puckerton.

The yellow represents the color of New Puckerton’s primary export: cheese.

And the five red tassels across the bottom represent the blood that was metaphorically shed during the brief, furious, but ultimately successful annexation of the neighboring country of Gloomeria in the winter of early 2008, known as ”the Five Day Annexation.”

The flag of New Puckerton is unlike many flags in that it is flown horizontally from a boom. The flag hangs from five blue tabs, representing the five distinct yet equally beautiful regions of the country: the Piedmont, the Plains, the Peaks, the wilderness area of Podunk, and the wetland marshes known as the Puddles.

Wear this shirt with pride, and although you may not be a New Puckertonian by birth, this small but great nation welcomes you with open arms and a big kiss on the cheek.

Thank you for your consideration, and have a great weekend folks!

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