Derby #46: Green

Green Ambush

Green Ambush
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Re: Green Ambush

I really like this!! GMV. Good job, love the frogs.


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Re: Green Ambush

They say that the frogs will be the first to go when we've really sent the environment down the crapper. Maybe the frogs know this. Maybe they're waiting for the right moment. Maybe, on a warm summer night, you can hear them. They're not saying, "its not easy being green", they're saying "it's not easy to oppose green."


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Re: Green Ambush

One of the better I've seen so far


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Re: Green Ambush

It's a ******* crime this doesn't have (alot, lot, lot) more votes. I'll add one but remain disgusted with the voting trends on this site.

Greatest song ever written about JFK here. NSFW... or children... or anyone who's offended by the idea that JFK might have been a robot... fair warning.

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