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MASH Play it Again!

MASH Play it Again!
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Re: MASH Play it Again!

Play it again....right on your shirt! I was feeling nostalgic and when I saw the derby theme this week I thought of the old MASH game I used to play in school. If you've played the game, you might remember that MASH stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House. One version of the game had the home type determined along with 3 other events. (Names, Numbers, Vehicle ...for example.) The names would predict your future spouse, the number would predict the number of kids and the vehicle type would determine your family's mode of transportation.

I played the folded paper version along with the spiral version. I displayed the spiral version in this design. Go ahead and play it directly on the shirt. Choose the 3 topics in addition to home type. Fill in the blanks with the player's information. Count the number of spirals from the center (in my design this is 4) and starting with the mansion symbol start crossing off each 4th entry until only one of each topic remains. Circle them and this predicts the player's future. Corny....I know....but I loved this game when I was younger. Hope others remember it.

P.S. I did another MASH design featuring stylized versions of the four housing types.


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Re: MASH Play it Again!

I've never played it, but I'd love to wear it to see how many people recognize it. Love the colors, too. GMV. Oh, and your other entries are sweet, too. I especially like the eye-popping colors on the red entry.


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Re: MASH Play it Again!


"Here are the rules for playing this game with a spiral:
1. Write down five each of the following: names, types of cars, colors, number of children, places, and careers.

2. Then, one person starts drawing a spiral on a piece of paper and the person whose fortune is being told tells her when to stop. Then, you count across the spiral top to bottom to get the magic number for the game.

3. Alright, now all you do is count through your lists of items AND the letters M-A-S-H, eliminating the ones that you land on with your magic number. The last one left in each group is your winner. Keep counting through until you have only your last choice in each category left - et viola - your future.

Here is some additional information about the game: "

This can be found on this site: Like totally 80s- MASH

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