Derby #54: The Old West

The Lucky Shirt (Black)

The Lucky Shirt (Black)
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Re: The Lucky Shirt (Black)

i really like this one, i just wish the horse didn't look as cartoony, maybe if it was just a silouhette. good job though.




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Re: The Lucky Shirt (Black)

Well, it looked like this one was doing a little bit better than the olive version, so I went ahead and took that one down. My husband will be happy because he was the one who convinced me to do the black version. I guess he owes me a big "I told you so." Ha ha! Anyway, for those that didn't see the olive version, I originally wanted to do this in the kelly green so it would be more "lucky", but people recommended to do olive instead. Then hubby wanted to see black. So, here it is.

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