Derby #55a: Derbylympics, 1st Event - Black & White


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I tried to make this look like random sketches. Hopefully it comes across that way. A couple of people were wondering if that creature on the right was a fox, cat, dog, mythical creature, but it's actually a long haired chihuahua. My parents have one, so it is sort of a tribute to him. He looks a little bit like this:

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


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Re: Sketchbook


Hey, about posting a close up view? It's hard to see the house on the shirt, and the shirt is covering it up on the bigger picture.

I love your character designs!

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quality posts: 6 Private Messages theinfinityloop

Sure. Here you go.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages JonSnow
theinfinityloop wrote:Sure. Here you go.

I'm glad you decided to submit this after all. The dragon from the smoke is a random but really cool touch


quality posts: 0 Private Messages sailormoontsu

I dunno what people are talking about...I love the dog!

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