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Seaborgium: Resistance is Futile

Seaborgium: Resistance is Futile
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Re: Seaborgium: Resistance is Futile


Okay, so it's not as popular as Gold. It's not as useful as Aluminum. It's not as expensive as Latinum. It's not as important as Uranium.

Okay, so isotopes of seaborgium have short half-lives of less than a second. And, at present, Seaborgium has no practical uses. None whatsoever.

Nevertheless, scientists speculate that Seaborgium will be that crucial element which will transmogrify all of Earth's ocean life into a dangerous cyborg collective that will attempt to rule all the known universes.

This is why Wal-Mart has stopped selling Seaborgium in its stores--though it still sells it online at

Here's a better look:


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Re: Seaborgium: Resistance is Futile

Wow. An element I hadn't heard of. Thank you for the elucidation.


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Re: Seaborgium: Resistance is Futile

one of the fish need the laser coming out of one of their eyes like in the show/movie

Woot doesn't ship to Alaska even though they say that they ship to the continental United States... Alaska is part of the North American continent, we aren't an island like some believe


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Re: Seaborgium: Resistance is Futile

This is my favorite in the whole show. Great.


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Got my vote just for the description.


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