Derby #56: Your Favorite Element

Helium: It Happens (anywhere)

Helium: It Happens (anywhere)
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Re: Helium: It Happens (anywhere)

I'm confused... care to explain?



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Re: Helium: It Happens (anywhere)

This creeps me out because it reminds me of the book "IT", by stephen king.



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4Se7ens wrote:I'm confused... care to explain?

Helium, being the element in the balloon, caused the balloon to float. Which yes we know that helium filled balloons float, and they float just about this case it floated straight to this guy and stuck to him. If I would have taken more time (this is the first shirt I've entered), I would have put a quote regarding how this guy hates stupid helium filled balloons.


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Re: Helium: It Happens (anywhere)

awww, the helium in the balloon thing.. Hate it when that happens

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