Derby #56: Your Favorite Element

Calcium: get jolly!

Calcium:  get jolly!
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Re: Calcium: get jolly!

So... this is my first submission that I'm not going to withdraw within moments of submitting. This simple one color design is both festive (with Halloween coming up), up to date (come one.. pirates are all the rage) and educational. Calcium is in eggs (right eye), leaves (left eye), shark teeth (nose), shells (mouth) and of course bones...

So get jolly (roger of course) and help me spoof the famous campaign for that white liquid we squeeze out of our bovine friends (that is also filled with calcium)... all the while representing that 20th element on the chart that we all know and love.

Thanks for your votes my fellow wooters!



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Re: Calcium: get jolly!

This appears to be a slogan shirt. You may want to reconsider the non-incidental text.

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How would I go about changing it?

I'm kinda doubtful that it would tie together in some minds if the obvious play on milk is not there...

I have no problem changing it... but would I just resubmit it? I don't want it to be rejected if I can help it... for resubbing or otherwise...



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Re: Calcium: get jolly!

This shirt color doesn't look like one of woot's colors on my monitor. Did you use the orange that was on one of the woot standard templates?

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