Derby #63: Art as Text

It's Been Done

It's Been Done
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quality posts: 38 Private Messages AdderXYU
Re: It's Been Done

I support this shirt's message


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jahrpm
Re: It's Been Done

I love how the colors pop on this shirt!! GMV!


quality posts: 67 Private Messages wootvan
Re: It's Been Done

nice the apostrophe


quality posts: 15 Private Messages omnitarian
Re: It's Been Done

No horrified food?

I don't vote for woot meta-shirts on principle but I appreciate this shirt's message. And non sequitur thorax dentata reference. :P


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Raikus
omnitarian wrote:No horrified food?

That's true. I did miss a great opportunity to use a terrified Oreo in place of the "O." Oh well, this was mostly a drawing and scanning exercise. Normally I create everything 1st gen in Illustrator. I'm trying to get better about drawing out the concepts first before render and this helped. Plus, it was fun to boot!

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