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rock guitar music

rock guitar music
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Re: rock guitar music

I changed a couple things plus added a mic for the I. vote!!!!please. theres not enough guitar shirts in the world.

You're on probation!

You've been put on posting probation for this post for this reason: Ok, I deleted it 3 times. Do you not get it? (24h) Personal attack/useless post.

Please stare at the scary cartoon dog for 20 hours and then try posting again.


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Re: rock guitar music

I love these designs! GMV!

You can ride with me, or you can find your own path. Don't stab me in the back after I've cleared the way.


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Re: rock guitar music

Wow, this one's really neat up close! The thumbnail doesn't do justice, man. GMV!


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Re: rock guitar music

I voted for the original and almost didn't realize you had resubbed!

Good job on this design.

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