Derby #74: One Continuous Line


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quality posts: 2 Private Messages lkackman
Re: Line-O-Elephant

Yet another for the line derby... this makes 5. I am not sure if this is the last or not. Anyway, it's an elephant I had used in a previous derby reworked with one line. I know people don't always like the baby blue, but it looked the best for this design. Hope you enjoy it.

Comments are welcome! Cheers!

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quality posts: 13 Private Messages artulo
Re: Line-O-Elephant

I'm digging it! What would improve it, though, would be to get some smaller folds in the ears to complement the larger ones. GMV anyway. I like the colors too.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages nontypicalmale
Re: Line-O-Elephant

Its a real stand out image, i'm definitely liking this. You've got my vote!

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