Derby #74: One Continuous Line

c for city

Awesome. Off topic, though

Rejected because: Awesome. Off topic, though

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quality posts: 1 Private Messages dopey5007
Re: c for city

This doesn't look like one 1 line



quality posts: 13 Private Messages artulo
dopey5007 wrote:This doesn't look like one 1 line

nope, but it's wickedly detailed. nice work, doesn't fit the theme.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Kidgoldstein
Re: c for city

Yeah I loved this, but it isn't one line.

<insert something witty>


quality posts: 2 Private Messages DeadFrog
Re: c for city

I love the drawing style on this. It's so whimsical and strangely unemotional.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages choptop82
Re: c for city

Agreed, it'd have my vote in a heartbeat if it fit the derby's criteria. Smart thinking, creating a handful of buildings and randomly reproducing them until it looks like a whole city. Great work.

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