Derby #74: One Continuous Line

Bonsai Warrior

Bonsai Warrior
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Re: Bonsai Warrior

After my first ever entry got such a good reception I thought I'd try another one.
I'm pretty late with this but I wanted to give it a go anyway.
Please vote if you like it and give me all the critique you can come up with.
The line never crosses itself.

My first entry: Zebra


quality posts: 0 Private Messages KessiTheNinja
Re: Bonsai Warrior

I like it... it's pretty sweet stuff!! I also know a couple of people i could get this for including myself!! I like that placement too!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages IG64Assassin
Re: Bonsai Warrior

Since you're asking for a critique I thought I'd put in my 2 cents. I like the tree part a lot, but I'm not so sure about the ninja... it's a little much. I personally believe that this would get more votes without that in it. Perhaps you could put something else there instead, to keep the balance? Hope that helps.

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