Derby #75: Cabin Fever

Jonah 3000

Jonah 3000
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Re: Jonah 3000

While attempting to escape the cabin fever that gripped him inside his submarine, this unlucky fellow was swallowed by a baby whale. Terrible for him, but the whale quite enjoyed it


quality posts: 186 Private Messages JadenKale
Re: Jonah 3000

I love it :D I like the look and color scheme. you totally got a vote from me!


quality posts: 66 Private Messages eHalcyon
Re: Jonah 3000

geekfactor12 wrote:I would greatly enjoy votes, comments, or constructive criticism if anyone has some to spare

The dorsal fin looks a little slanted to me. I like the way you did the cross-section, except that I don't think you should have cut it across the face - the line it creates seems almost like an eyebrow, so when I look at the face I first get the impression that the whale is angry or feeling malevolent. I think cutting it in a more circular or elliptical form would have helped. I think it would have been good to colour the end of the periscope the same way as you did the windows. The style is wonderful (I especially admire the person, because I can't draw people at all) and, like Jaden, I think your colour choices are excellent.

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quality posts: 11 Private Messages geekfactor12
Re: Jonah 3000

Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. If I end up redoing this piece at some point, I'll definitely take those comments under advisement


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jskunze

This theme is very eclectic, which I love. Though I have voted for another design, I greatly appreciate the many pop culture and traditional aullusions: The Life Aquatic, Yellow Submarine, Jonas and the Whale just to name the three off the top of my head. My vote is taken, but if this shirt wins, I would not be dissapointed in the least.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages breckenedge
Re: Jonah 3000

I like how you still made this six colors, but played with the shadows. I just like the 'feel' to it with so many curves, but I agree with eHalcyon that the x-ray/cross-section view is a little cluttered.



quality posts: 2 Private Messages Xanzibar
Re: Jonah 3000

ahuhu. Nice work.GMV.

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