Derby #78: Winter

Hot Cocoa Bear

Hot Cocoa Bear
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages mysticazian
Re: Hot Cocoa Bear

I know, I know, its just TOO adorable, right!? ;P

..hey, a bear likes to sip on some hot cocoa on a cold winter day too y'kno


quality posts: 20 Private Messages shutts67
Re: Hot Cocoa Bear

Is this on brown or olive? It looks kinda in between to me...



quality posts: 0 Private Messages reyj1022
Re: Hot Cocoa Bear

I want 5 of these!


quality posts: 6 Private Messages SarahPants5
Re: Hot Cocoa Bear

Oggling my goat?, it's too cute!! I want that bear as a stuffed animal, I couldn't walk around with it on my shirt because people would want to hug my chest, and only my chest. >.> Is that a brown shirt?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mysticazian
Re: Hot Cocoa Bear

haha thanks everybody, yah thats a brown shirt.


quality posts: 22 Private Messages NascarDad
Re: Hot Cocoa Bear

Not sure how this one is going to do here, but I could totally see this one in a department store somewhere. Looks very professional in way. Would look great on my wife or on the littlest boy if they made them in that size.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages cobolisdead
Re: Hot Cocoa Bear

Cute! It reminds me of a bear I had as a kid! GMV!

You can ride with me, or you can find your own path. Don't stab me in the back after I've cleared the way.

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