Derby #80: Double-Take Derby 4

Big Words

Removed to avoid confusion with the Threadless entry.

Rejected because: Removed to avoid confusion with the Threadless entry.

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quality posts: 11 Private Messages IndependentVik
Re: Big Words

One of my favorite unprinted entries from tgentry. Definitely GMV.


quality posts: 50 Private Messages Jestik
Re: Big Words

This design has always made me hungry for chocolate.

I don't know that I'd wear it, but it sure looks tasty.


quality posts: 66 Private Messages eHalcyon
Re: Big Words

I always look forward to seeing tgentry's designs, but there have only been a couple that I actually vote for and want to buy. This is one of them.

And if I'm not mistaken, this one never got an HM. Surprise entry!

But that also means that tg has taken it elsewhere before. I know there was a modified version of this one over on Threadless (I remember because I found out about it only a a little too late to vote). It wasn't that long ago... tg, you may want to email Threadless about it.

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