Derby #84: The Sea

Fishermans tale

I asked for some clarification on the gradients but I'll have to assume they are too fine.

Rejected because: I asked for some clarification on the gradients but I'll have to assume they are too fine.

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.....the huge lunker that got away! We all talk about that one......


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Re: Fishermans tale

Can you post a detailed picture so I can see it better?


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Re: Fishermans tale

Looks great! Unless those are gradients...or really tiny halftones. If so, they'll reject it. If not, they'll want a demonstration that they aren't. -just to let you know, because this will come up tomorrow when they (woot) reappear.


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Re: Fishermans tale

Post some detail of the gradients. It looks pretty fine from here, and on a black shirt with underbase...yikes. Still let's see a detail before we make a call.


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Re: Fishermans tale

Wow that's really beautiful. I hope you resubmit with something more doable because I'd love something like this.


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Re: Fishermans tale

impressive artwork. I hope you stick around for future derbies and find a way to submit stuff like this in a printable way without losing its beauty.

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