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Polkadot Tie (Collaboration)

Polkadot Tie (Collaboration)
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Re: Polkadot Tie (Collaboration)

Hey, Infobyte had a great idea related to my tie entry. He said, "Hey, what about a polka dot tie?"

Okay, so we did not talk about it that much, I saw his spoof of my tie on his site. It was with accordions and he called it a polka dot tie. The play on words was pretty funny in my book and I did tell him in a message that he should clean it up some and publish it.

Well, I am fairly certain that this is not going to happen, so, I thought I would go ahead and work it up real quick. It was fun, but I cannot take credit for it since it was his idea. If by some weird miracle of god this thing gets printed, I want Woot to see to it that the money is split properly. Also, if Infobyte either asks for this entry to be removed, tattles on it, etc. Please go ahead and reject it.

If Infobyte submits his version of the shirt with the polka dot tie then this one should be rejected.


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Re: Polkadot Tie (Collaboration)

Haaaah! Unfortunately.. and I can't believe I admitting this but, I was forced to play the accordion for a short time growing up. This shirt is the epitome of my pain! But this is freakin' hilarious! I love it!

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