Derby #89: Dinosaurs

Foiled Again!

Foiled Again!
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nice artwork!


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Re: Foiled Again!

Is the red outline supposed to be something? I don't think it goes with the rest of the design.


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tnt138 wrote:Go here for large version...

I think the point of it needs to be more obvious, there needs to be more half-broken shells surrounding the baby predator dinosaur, because otherwise, except for that little leg of the second baby, it looks like its just a little dinosaur standing on top of their eggs. Otherwise I really like the expressions on the parent dino faces.


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WOW! Amazing illustration!


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Re: Foiled Again!

Beautifully drawn!


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Anchiceratops SMASH!!

Great illustration. Looks like something you'd actually find in a museum gift shop.


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This isn't something I would wear (mostly too big a graphic), but this is a really fantastic illustration. Awesome detail on the triceratops.


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As usual - I'm too late to vote -- but wanted to say -- I love the detail in this -- and I like that it sort of tells a story (or allows the viewer to make one up).

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