Derby #92: Steampunk

Steam Power Cell

Steam Power Cell
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quality posts: 8 Private Messages Moondragon
Re: Steam Power Cell

Almost voted. Thought the design would be bigger on shirt. That's just a personal preference. I like the art itself.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages wickedDesigns
Re: Steam Power Cell

I really like the design. It probably should be centered though.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages SpiritStrife

Thanks for all the input I'm pretty new to t-shirt design and felt like I rushed this one (I have finals this week and couldn't really work on it). When it came to size I went small because there isn't a lot there for little details so I thought making it big might not work. I didn't do center because with the size I chose I thought it might look silly. If I had kept it bigger I would have centered it. Thanks for all the advice, hopefully I'll get better at this!

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