Derby #97: BBQ

Everything tastes better grilled

Everything tastes better grilled
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quality posts: 8 Private Messages benjaminleebates
Re: Everything tastes better grilled

It's a parody because you would never see these items barbequed by the fictional character that partakes of them... I think they would be tastier this way.
Grilled shrooms, yummy
Grilled turnip, perhaps
Grilled wild flower, I've heard of it...
Grilled star fruit, perhaps, with the proper marinade...


quality posts: 2 Private Messages Reawen
Re: Everything tastes better grilled

Cute idea. I believe I've seen a shirt rejected before for having mushrooms (or maybe it was the stars) look too much like others... (that a fictional character might partake in), so I hope you can avoid rejection ^_^


quality posts: 1 Private Messages camoor

Great, just a little bit too obscure


quality posts: 0 Private Messages digihelix

What is the gray stuff?


quality posts: 5 Private Messages Jae87
digihelix wrote:What is the gray stuff?

I think it's smoke

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