Derby #106: Double-Take Derby 6

Werewolves Can't Dance

Werewolves Can't Dance
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quality posts: 11 Private Messages geekfactor12
Re: Werewolves Can't Dance

That cactus has a great headband.


quality posts: 38 Private Messages AdderXYU
geekfactor12 wrote:That cactus has a great headband.

Gossamer always needed to lose weight


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Demonbuttercup
Re: Werewolves Can't Dance

Aww I still love this one!


quality posts: 11 Private Messages IndependentVik
Re: Werewolves Can't Dance

geekfactor, is this a Teen Wolf Too reference? From when he does that song and dance number to "Do you love me?"

If it is, well-played indeed, good sir. Well-played indeed.

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