Derby #106: Double-Take Derby 6

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay
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Re: Hanauma Bay

love this one!

Re: Boldly Going(Resub)


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Voted for this in the tattoo derby and I'm voting for it again.
I would definitely purchase if it prints.


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This one was definitely my favorite in the tattoo derby . . . a bloody shame it didn't print. Kids these days don't know a good tattoo design if it smacked upside the head.


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Re: Hanauma Bay

I love this shirt... Hopefully it'll get a good push. *fingers crossed*

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Re: Hanauma Bay



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Re: Hanauma Bay

This still strikes me as odd as a tattoo entry (but only in the sense that you don't see that style of tattoo in the northeast). But, it is a really sweet illustration that I would totally wear. Though, I would definitely prefer it on a nice, clean white shirt as opposed to the asphalt. Got my vote!


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Re: Hanauma Bay

Really Like this, been there and it would really like to be able to wear this... I like asphalt. GMV!

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Re: Hanauma Bay

Any chance this will print some where else?

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